Branda Privacy Policy

The Branda Privacy Policy was last updated on December 2, 2018.

Who we are

We are the developers of Branda, the app that you just came from! We are students at Brandeis who created this app for you, our friends and peers.

What is this

This is our privacy policy, which describes the limited personal data we collect and how we use it.


We have worked very hard not to collect more information than is needed for a specific function. If you make a reservation on the BranVan, we collect your first name and email address, If you make a request to Brandeis Facilities Services, we will pass your first name and email address to Brandeis Facilities Service. If you tell us about a bug (thank you!!!), we will record your email address to allow us to report back to you. For the most part, however, we record only non-identifiable data, such as keeping track of how many users are on each of our pages at any time without seeing any other personally identifiable information. This is all of the personal information we collect, and we will delete it within a week if you ask us to. We will keep you updated as this policy changes, and we are bound to it in perpetuity.

What data we collect

No personally identifiable information is transmitted whatsoever from the app without your express direction except as outlined here. We use data such as first name and email when you use our Branvan reservation functionality. This is transmitted only when you make a reservation, and is transmitted exactly once per reservation.

When you submit feedback to us, we collect your email address along with the feedback you submit. No information submitted as feedback is shared with anyone.

When you submit a facilities work order, your email along with the picture that you take and the description of the issue you’re noticing are shared with Brandeis Facilities. Note that you must submit a work order at as well, what we have is a proof of concept to justify integration to Brandeis Facilities.

You agree that information we submit to Brandeis on your behalf is governed by Brandeis’ privacy policy (

Any image that you send to Brandeis Facilities from within our app has no additional location metadata attached.

We do not collect any further information on individual users . When you sign into your account, information from that account, e.g., Google, never goes beyond your device except as specified above.

We may use basic analytics to track usage of our app. The information we get from this is simply the number of users who are currently on a particular page of the application.

This is the entire scope of the information that we collect from the application.

Who we share this data with

We send your name and email address to the Brandeis Department of Public Safety (which runs the Branvan) when you send a reservation, as specified above.

We may share facilities work order request data with Brandeis Department of Facilities Services. We share this information only upon submission, as specified above.

We do not share any other data with any entity other than the ones specified above.

Your control over your data

We attempt to purge reservation data weekly from our databases. If you would like your data deleted, you may email and request that all data pertaining to you be purged immediately from our databases. We will strive to perform this action within 5 business days and email you upon completing the deletion.

Facilities work orders and bug reports that you send to us are via email. If you request that your data be deleted, we will delete each email sent to us containing your information.

Uninstalling the app will delete all data stored on your device about the app, including personally identifiable information stored locally.

Modifications to this privacy policy

We will regularly make modifications to this privacy policy. We, as developers, bear the responsibility for making you aware of all changes.

When there is a new privacy policy, you will be notified visibly when you next open the application. If you do not agree to the privacy policy, you will be unable to use the application.

Term of this agreement

We, the developers of Branda, are bound in our use of your data by this agreement.

Scope of this agreement

This agreement governs, in entirety, our use of your personal information.